Why don’t the team t-shirts and bookmarks include the word “dyslexia”?

Not everyone on the team has dyslexia. The team shirts and bookmarks are meant to be for everyone in the dyslexia community. They are for people with dyslexia AND family members, professionals, teachers, tutors, and anyone whose resoluteness relates to dyslexia in any way.

Not everyone wants to proclaim their dyslexia to the world. Many people with dyslexia have come to learn that dyslexia is not such a bad thing and they have learned to embrace it. They proudly proclaim their dyslexia to anyone who will listen.

Not everyone wants to do that, though. I have middle school students who would not be caught dead wearing anything with the word dyslexia, but they would wear a shirt that represents dyslexia and its powerful team. A shirt with a ‘secret meaning’, if you will. If a dyslexia-ignorant person sees the shirt, they will think nothing of it except for that the person belongs to a team with a cool word and mascot. On the other hand, if someone in the dyslexia community sees someone wearing the shirt, then a conversation and special bond is likely to happen!

The shirts and bookmarks are not intended to educate outsiders. The shirts’ purpose is to give a feeling of strength, belonging, and encouragement to dyslexia insiders!


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