How Team Resolute was Born

Team RESOLUTE is a team for all people with dyslexia and for people with any connection to dyslexia. It all started when…

I really just wanted to have a team name and cool shirts for my students with dyslexia. They work extra hard and I was so proud of them. If only they could know that there are so many other people getting lessons just like them and there are so many adults with dyslexia, just like them, then maybe they would be strengthened in their resolve. They might sit just a bit taller and hold their heads just a bit higher. I wouldn’t put the word “dyslexia” anywhere on the shirts, since not all my students want to advertise the fact that they have dyslexia, but the shirts would be something students could wear that would remind them that they are part of a team.

Being part of a team and wearing a team shirt communicates confidence. It can energize, motivate, and give a feeling of empowerment even for those new to the team.

In looking for a great team name to describe my students, I came across the definition and synonyms of the word RESOLUTE. This word was not only perfect for my little circle of students, but for all people with dyslexia or involved with dyslexia in any way.

RES-O-LUTE: firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose. Characterized by firmness and determination.

Other words for resolute: adamant, bold, courageous, decided, dogged, faithful, firm, intrepid, meaning-business, persevering, persistent, purposeful, relentless, staunch, steadfast, strong, stubborn, tenacious, true, undaunted.

So, Team Resolute was born. Bookmarks and t-shirts were made. The team and spirit gear is not just for my students, but for everyone with dyslexia and for parents, tutors, experts, and everyone with a connection to dyslexia.

Front of shirt: picture of a mountain lion and the words “We are the RESOLUTE”

Back of shirt: The word “resolute” and its definition

Not everyone needs to hear the whole resolute story, but if you give RESOLUTE t-shirts or bookmarks as gifts, you might just communicate the fact that the person belongs to a powerful team of people around the world with dyslexia or with a dyslexia connection. The shirt or bookmark can be a reminder of the team, and encouragement to hang in there with purpose and determination for the task at hand.

FullSizeRender (6)

To buy t-shirts and bookmarks for yourself or for others: TEAM SPIRIT GEAR — 10% of your orders will be set aside to give to your state’s Decoding Dyslexia organization.

To read the whole story about how I found the word “resolute” and how it fits our team: TEAM RESOLUTE

To read about the good news of dyslexia: GOOD NEWS

Watch this site for stories that highlight individuals on our team. My goal will be to highlight four teammates (a student and/or parent, an adult with dyslexia, a tutor, and an expert) every month. If you would like to share your story or advice about dyslexia to encourage the team, you can go here: SHARE MY STORY




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